Frequently Asked Questions

1 - How to Order?
      You can order online, by phone, by mail or fax.

2 - Payment Methods?
      We accept any type of payment for both online and phone orders or fax, type all the cards
      credit, postpaid, cash, bank or come and pay directly at the store.
      Payments will be made safely online you will be connected to a bank server encrypted
      then in absolute safety.

3 - I paid for my order by bank. When we will 'ship?
       We complete orders from 1-5 to 20 working days of receipt of proof of payment;
      in the case of bank transfer payment only when the actual crediting is displayed in
      our bank account. Until then, the order is left in a state of waiting for payment.
      Average reaction times are about 1-5 days. If the customer would provide in advance receipt
      the money transfer, Fashion Leather SAS reserves the right to wait, however, that the payment is
      displays in your bank account. If you want your order to be processed in the fastest times,
      We should choose a payment method such as PayPal, credit card or cash.

 4 - If I receive the package with the damaged goods what should I do?
      You must notify us as soon as possible by phone, fax, e-mail, do not discard the original packaging, contact the
      forwarder and wait instructions.

  5 - How can I clean a leather bag?
       Periodically we recommend cleaning with cleansing milk;
       If spots take a swab from cow's milk or milk and detergent
       gently wipe the stain, let it dry, and finally with a dry cloth;
       in the case of suede use a rubber or sponge for sale on the market and pass on
       the affected area.